Keep your focus

‘…he has compassion on all he has made.’ Psalm 145.9 

As we lift people up in intercession, this verse can be a source of hope for us. Often we can feel as if we literally have to plead people’s causes before God, that we have to persuade him how much they really need and deserve his touch. The truth is, of course, God knows full well how much they really need him, and he also has a love and compassion for them that outweighs anything we may feel.

Beginning times of prayer with a focus on God’s incredible love for you is really helpful, as the effect is to release you from the strain of thinking you have to earn the favour of God. In a similar way, to begin times of intercession with the assurance of his unending and unyielding compassion for those for whom you pray can set a whole new tone for your intercession. Rather than beginning your prayers with pleading, they flow from a position of trust in his love.

This can change everything. Your immediate focus has been taken off the problem or person for whom you are praying, and has been firmly put back on God and his loving heart. This is a wonderful way to start prayer!

When you pray for others, begin by reminding yourself of God’s unending love for them and let that set the tone for your prayers.

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