Changing the world

november8“I am going to send you what my Father has promised” Luke 24.49

Here, Luke recalls one of the final promises of Jesus, that even though he was going to ascend to heaven he would send the gift of the Holy Spirit to his disciples. This Spirit would be the very indwelling presence and power of Jesus for them. Jesus’ promise hasn’t changed over the years so the question is, do you believe in the availability of this power and presence for your life?

As you ponder the hours ahead of you, perhaps mentally going through all the various activities and events of which you will be a part, you either go through these times being pushed and shaped by them, or you see yourself as someone profoundly affected by the Holy Spirit whom Jesus has sent. Paul uses the beautiful phrase that ‘your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit’ (1 Corinthians 6.19). In other words, and daunting as it may seem, you are going to change every situation in which you find yourself because you are carrying this profound presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

Take a few moments to think through the hours ahead and see yourself not simply in your weakness, but rather as a carrier of the Holy Spirit.

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