The Spirit within us is good | 7

‘But the fruit of the Spirit is … goodness’ Galatians 5.22

‘Good’ is a very over-used word that is applied in a variety of ways, but it is an excellent description of the Spirit who dwells within us. The Holy Spirit is in every way good to us: he thinks good of us, wants good things for us and longs for us to relax in the knowledge of his goodness. We are probably more used to thinking of the Holy Spirit as a disciplinarian who wants to bring us to heel so that we walk the straight and narrow path. Indeed, God is constantly seeking to teach us to keep to his ways, but not with a whip.

The goodness of the Spirit makes such a difference to us when we perceive we have failed in something. A disciplining Spirit would berate us for our failure and tell us we will never succeed at anything. However, the good Spirit loves our efforts, and rejoices when we turn back to him so he can pick us up when we stumble and guide us back to the path.

If you are able to trust in the goodness of the Holy Spirit within you, it will make all the difference as you seek to walk the life he offers. Perhaps what it says most of all is that he is on your side, caring and looking out for you in ways you can’t even imagine, and longing to bring more blessing and love to you.

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