The Lord is my shepherd | 2

‘The LORD is my shepherd’ Psalm 23.1

Something special happens when we can make the transition from God being ‘God’ to being ‘my God’. When we are able to speak to God in these personal terms, it is not that we in any way own him or have any control over him, but rather that we recognise his lordship over us and his love for us personally. In a very beautiful moment in the account of the resurrection in John’s Gospel, Jesus says to Mary, “I am returning to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God” (John 20.17). Jesus is encouraging us to take seriously the fact that God is there, not just for the whole world, but for each of us personally.

This reality is something we probably need to come back to many times over the course of a day; that God delights in us personally, feels for us personally, cares for us personally and will therefore guide us personally like a shepherd. If you choose to believe this, what you are doing is letting what is real become true for you. He is your God and nothing can change this, but when you acknowledge this truth and let him truly be your God, you open the door for him to act in your life in a new and fresh way.

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