God, the glorious shepherd | 1

‘The LORD is my shepherd’ Psalm 23.1

This is one of those beautiful phrases in the Bible that can have a growing influence upon us as we put a different emphasis on different words.

The Lord is our shepherd. He is none other than the creator of heaven and earth, the one who planned creation, the one who called Abraham and Moses, who stands before us and guides us. It is an incredible truth that the Lord upon whom we call is the same God who parted the Red Sea, who provided food for the Israelites and who, through Jesus, opened the eyes of the blind and called the dead from the tombs.

Whenever we read the Bible, it is always worth asking, what does this passage say about the God who is my God? It is so often true that our perception of God is too small, and this affects the faith we have in his ability or willingness to be there for us. This is one reason why worship is so important. Worship lifts our vision of the one to whom we pray to new levels, reminds us of who he is and brings us back to the truth that it is the Lord God himself who is our shepherd.

As you come to God this day, begin by seeking to catch a bigger vision of him. Perhaps remind yourself slowly of some of the many names by which God is called in the Bible. Recall as many as you can. Our God is all of these.

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