Friend and Lord | 5

‘Let us fix our eyes on Jesus…’ Hebrews 12.2

The focus of this verse is the person of Jesus; but who is he? It is very easy to build up a selective picture of him. If only one story about Jesus was read, the impression of him would be limited to that one story. Similarly, any subsequent engagement with Jesus in prayer would also be born out of that one particular story of him.

The Jesus we know is glorious; he is present with us now as the closest friend we could find, and yet also enthroned at the right hand of God and surrounded by power and glory. Both of these extremes are combined when we sense his presence with us. All the glory surrounding him on the throne still surrounds him as we sense the gentleness of his presence. When we draw near to him in prayer, all the resources of heaven are as close as he is to us.

To utter the name ‘Jesus’ is to both summon the gentleness of the one who washed the feet of his friends and also to be summoned to the very throne room of God, where angels cast down their crowns before him.

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