Pick a verse… | 3

‘Let us fix our eyes on Jesus…’ Hebrews 12.2

Another means of keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus is to choose a phrase, a prayer or a Bible verse and focus on it to such an extent that it becomes a part of your life. Many Christians discover the value of doing this, but it may require a little discipline initially. There are a few options: select a verse from your daily Bible reading that particularly strikes you; or simply repeat the name ‘Jesus’; or choose a familiar phrase that many traditions within the church find so enriching, such as “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me”.

At the start of each day, spend a few minutes allowing this word or phrase to move from your lips into your mind, and then to your heart. Every so often throughout the day consciously call it back to mind, and quite soon you will find it becomes perfectly natural to be aware of it much of the time.

By doing this you will become more conscious of the presence of Jesus with you and your eyes will be drawn back to him.

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