I don’t get what I deserve | 7

“. . . and be gracious to you” Numbers 6.25

The grace of God is all about what you do not deserve. Despite anything you have done in your life, and however badly you might see yourself, God is still for you, longing to bless you and shower you with his love. This might be why it is often hard to believe in God’s promises. We live in a world where so much of our self-worth is based on questions such as, do I deserve it? Have I worked hard enough? Am I good enough?

What if these were questions God never asked or even thought to ask? This is grace; what God gives is unrelated to what you have done. If you really believe that, what difference does it make to the way you pray?

So what are the questions God asks as he looks at you? They are probably questions more focused on Jesus: did his death release all the blessings, and was his sacrifice enough? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’

Grace is all about what Jesus has done for you and not what you deserve.

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