God’s unfailing love

‘Show us your unfailing love, Lord’ Psalm 85.7

If you think about it, this is rather a strange prayer!  If the love of God for us is unfailing, constant and ever faithful – why does it have to be revealed to us?  Would we not be constantly aware of it all the time?

The answer to this is that there is a world of difference between the constant nature of God’s love for us and our willingness to engage with it on a permanent basis.

In reality, such is the magnitude of God’s love for us that we could probably not cope with it.  Could we really bear to have before us the reality of the crucifixion and watch the agony of Jesus for long periods of time?  Yet this is the reality of God’s love for us; he loved us so much that he gave Jesus for us.  However, instead of overwhelming us with the totality of his love, out of his mercy God gives us glimpses of it.  Whenever we sit with him and sense his peace, this is a glimpse of his love. When we experience the presence of Jesus with us, this too is a glimpse of his love.

Like the psalmist, we too can ask God for glimpses of his love.  So before you move on and start doing anything else, why not ask God for a glimpse right now?  Pay attention to what thought, picture, memory or bible verse etc pops into your mind.  God is longing for you to come to him, just as any parent responds with delight when their child holds out their arms to receive love.

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