Standing in a new place

“Where are you?” Genesis 3.9

Yesterday, we looked at this verse from the perspective of the question God asks us when we turn away from him, and how our return to God is found in Jesus.  However, this is also a question that we might hear God asking us each day as we go about our business.

Most days will contain moments of joy, as well as moments of anxiety and perhaps even despair.  This question still rings out to us, “Where are you?”  What are you standing on?

Too often we find ourselves standing on past memories, or on the fears and insecurities we have.  God invites us to stand in a different place.  He invites us to stand on the truth of his unending, unfailing, unconditional love.  There is nothing in our past that can affect the love that God has for us, and there is no situation facing us that cannot be transformed if we stand in the place of his love for us.

At The Christian Healing Mission, we have a red heart-shaped rug upon which we sometimes invite people to stand.  See yourself standing on that rug now.  As you see yourself stepping on to it, you have stepped off your fears and anxieties and you now stand in a new place from which no-one can remove you.

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