Is God missing you?

“Where are you?” Genesis 3.9

The third chapter in the Bible, Genesis 3, recalls the account of the fall of man – a tragic picture of mankind’s decision to make its own choices rather than to walk the path that God had laid out.  One of the direct consequences of this was the shame felt by man and the need to hide from God.  Until this time, God and Adam had walked freely and joyfully with each other, but because of what Adam had done he hid from God, which prompted God’s question: “Where are you?”

Presumably when God asked this question it wasn’t because he had actually lost Adam!  He knew exactly where he was.  It was not a question about geography, but about his heart.

I wonder if there are times when you feel God asking you the same question?  Perhaps you sometimes feel too ashamed or guilty to come to him, or sense that you have let him down by some action on your part?  If you are not walking with him, it is likely that God is calling out to you because he is missing the fellowship you and he used to enjoy together.

One possible answer would be this, “I am in Jesus”.  I may have done wrong, but I am trusting in what he did for me.  I am trusting in his forgiveness and what he has shown me about the wonder of God.

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