Being loved – just as you are

“And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” Matthew 10.30

It is quite a thought that God knows us to such an extent that the hairs of our head are numbered!  It is something that is echoed in Psalm 139 – he knows when we sit or rise, he perceives our thoughts from afar (verse 2).  Initially, the thought that God knows every single thing about us and nothing escapes him can feel quite alarming.  However, it is also extremely releasing.  When you sit before God, there is absolutely nothing you can hide from him, even if you try, which means that you might as well relax in his presence and be completely honest with him, without attempting to put on any masks at all.

The astounding thing about sitting before God with no masks and pretensions is that he loves us to be like that with him, totally open.  This is always a difficult truth for us to grasp; something inside us assumes that God will somehow love us more if we can appear to be holier than we really feel, or speak in more religious language.  This simply is not true.  No amount of pretending is going to make any difference to the amount that God loves us.

So sit before him just as you are, and find the peace that comes from knowing that he loves you just as you are – and nothing you can do will ever change this.

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