Our God who saves

‘Our God is a God who saves;’ Psalm 68.20

This statement about God reveals that it is his very nature to bring about salvation and help in every situation.

Throughout the Bible, the term ‘salvation’ has many different meanings.  It is not just about the forgiveness of our sins and our destiny in heaven, but it encompasses all the activity of God in rescuing his people from the things that afflict them.  It is his very nature to bring this rescue to us.

There is sometimes an underlying fear that what God really wants is for us to suffer, but if you are tempted to think like this you are building an image of God for yourself that is contrary to what the Bible reveals about him.  He is not the ‘God who likes to make us suffer’, but the ‘God who saves’.

The implication of this is that you do not need to ask whether God might be willing to help you in any given situation.  Since his very nature is to help, the answer is always ‘yes’.  You may not know how his help might come, but it is always his heart to help you in some way.

Perhaps you are facing a situation right now that is beyond any resources you have to find a way through.  As you hold this situation before God, do so with these words on your lips: ‘You are the God who saves’.

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