God’s willingness to show himself to us

‘I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know . . .’ Ephesians 1.18

In this passage, Paul prays that his readers will have something of a revelation from God so that they will better understand three key truths: what is in store for them, what they mean to God and the power that is available to them.

To begin with it is worth noting that the knowledge of these things comes by revelation.  This is good news, especially when we are struggling and simply do not feel or cannot grasp the love God has for us.  The fact that we cannot feel it can lead us to feel even worse and we can begin to wonder if it our fault or whether God has abandoned us altogether.  This passage reassures us that it is not us; we are probably trying to receive these things by our own efforts rather than by revelation.

We receive these things by the revelation of the Spirit.  In other words, they are imparted to us by the Holy Spirit and are not things we are meant to be able to grasp on our own – so if you can’t, you are doing fine!

The Bible reveals a God who is so willing to give the Spirit to those who ask him (Luke 11.13), so when you need revelation – ask him!  Don’t struggle with what you do not have, but instead ask him to supply what you need.

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