‘May the Lord direct your hearts into . . . Christ’s perseverance.” 2 Thessalonians 3.5

The word ‘perseverance’ is not really a word that fills us with much joy.  It suggests on-going hard work and probably hardship!  However it is not all negative!

The first thing that this verse points us to is the perseverance that Christ displayed in his ministry – and still displays.  This includes his perseverance with us.  The ministry of Jesus demonstrates his utter commitment to us, and even though we may be weak in our love for him he will never be weak in his love for us.  So to what are we called to persevere?

One key challenge is for us to persevere in the knowledge of Jesus’ love and commitment to us.  There are times when this is hard: circumstances may seem to be against us, illness might become a reality and relationships may take a turn for the worse.  In times like this it is so easy to assume that we have done something wrong or that God has turned his back on us.  However, God is seeking to direct our hearts to that same perseverance to which Jesus clung; to believe in the love and presence of God in the hard times as well as the good.  This is not so much something we have to do, but rather something to which we have to cling.

If this is such a time for you, keep in mind Jesus’ unfailing commitment to you and that you are walking a path that he walked – and know that he is watching you with pride.

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