Finding God’s love for others

‘May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love’ 2 Thessalonians 3.5

It is, of course, true that God does not just love you but he also loves the whole world – and this includes those with whom you come into contact.  It has been said that there is not a single person whom God does not love profoundly and sacrificially.  The trouble is that God may love them, but you might not!

Even if you can’t find that love within yourself, there is no need to feel guilty or pressurised into trying to force a love for them to surface.  God is well able to direct your heart into love for others, since it is his love rather than your own into which you are being directed.

The other good news about this verse is that God must be longing to direct your heart in this way.  It is extremely unlikely that he will refuse your request to pray for his love for other people.  It begins with honesty and a prayer: admitting that the love God has for some people is not the love you have for them and then praying, “Lord, direct my heart into your love for them.”


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