He made me!

‘For you created my inmost being;’ Psalm 139.13

It is perfectly possible to disguise ourselves on the outside, but far harder to change the inside.  It is our inner self that makes us who we are and sets us apart from other people.

Sadly, it seems that many people do not particularly like their inner selves because they recognise that deep within are unhelpful desires and yearnings they wish they did not have.  However, what if those desires and yearnings have something created by God at their core?  It is certainly true that they may be marred and in need of transformation by God, but they are still his creation and they make us who we are.

For example, someone may have a deep longing to be loved.  Occasionally this might lead to inappropriate actions – but what if the actual desire was planted by God as an expression of real yearning and hunger for him?  Sin can warp the original longing and turn it into a desperate clinging on to others, which needs to be redeemed and healed.  Yet the longing itself may have been holy.

Your inmost being was created by God and he put something wonderful and unique in you.  Allow the truth of this to sink into you as you go about your business today – and rejoice in this extremely good news!

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