Too good to be true

‘Such knowledge is too wonderful for me’ Psalm 139.6

In this beautiful psalm, David is seeking to remind himself of the wonder of God.  He recounts the truth of God’s presence upon him and reminds himself that the hand of God is always with him.  At this point we can almost sense him shaking his head in wonder and declaring that these things are almost too good to be true!

For much of the time, our vision of God’s presence and his goodness to us is woefully small.  All too often we limit our sense of God to what we can perceive through our five senses – but God is not limited to those senses.  If we can begin to grasp this and believe that his presence is absolutely everywhere and that his hand is upon us – even right now – then we too would probably share David’s sense of wonder that this is almost too good to be true.

We often hear the expression ‘living by faith’, usually when referring to people who live without regular income, trusting in what God will provide for them.  Actually living by faith is something that we are all called to do, but in a much wider sense.  It is about holding fast to our belief in his constant presence and his hand upon us, and applying this to our daily lives.  Such knowledge is wonderful and almost too good to be true – but it is true!

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