He is everything we need

‘…with him is full redemption.’ Psalm 130.7

This short phrase says something amazing – that the answer to everything we may need is in our God.  It refers to more than the promise of forgiveness for our sins as it speaks of everything that been robbed from us being given back.  This is full redemption, and it is all with God.

The whole verse from which this phrase is taken is a great call to God’s people to hope: ‘Israel, put your hope in the LORD, for with the LORD is unfailing love and with him is full redemption.’  It is a call to hope because of God’s unfailing love for us.  Our redemption is not based on the fact that we may or may not be good people, but on the truth that God is unfailingly loving.

The difficulty arises when we try to hold on to our faith as we wait for this full redemption to come, and yet nothing seems to be happening.  Does this mean that God’s love has failed?  Certainly not!  What it means is that this verse is addressed to us.  Despite their circumstances, the psalmist was seeking to call people to hope so that whatever they were going through, God’s love might be real.  We too are called to put our hope in God and look to him for the outworking of his love in our lives.

Whatever your situation, the solution to your present difficulties is in God, who loves you unfailingly.  As you focus on him now, let these words become real for you – “in you is full redemption”.

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