Being Alive with God

‘…God made you alive with Christ.’ Colossians 2.13

Sometimes the truth revealed in the Bible seems to be perfectly aligned with our feelings and we really do sense the truth of what the Bible says.  At these moments we have no problem believing the words we read and there is a natural ease about giving praise to God.

However, we all know that not every day is like this and at times there can be a vast difference between the truth and our feelings.  In fact, for every day when we sense that continuity between truth and feelings, there are many others when there is either an indifference between the two, or else downright hostility!

The point is this – truth is still truth whether or not we feel it.  So when Paul writes that God has made us ‘alive with Christ’, he is stating something that we may or may not feel but it is still the truth, and truth is to be taken seriously.

Whatever you may be feeling right now, this statement is true about you: ‘God made you alive with Christ.’  This is not because of anything you have done, but is all down to the action of the creator God.  You are alive with Christ; he notices you, is with you, holds you close to his heart and loves you.

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