Coming closer to God

‘How sweet are your words to my taste’ Psalm 119.103

The ‘taste’ of God’s words may well say something to us about our relationship with him.  Sometimes the words of the Bible might come across as rather bland and tasteless; simply words on a page that do nothing for us.  If this is a regular occurrence it may be an indication that you are losing your sense of relationship with the one who speaks these words to you from his heart.  If this is the case, one solution is to ask God to show his love to you through what you are reading.

At other times, the words of the Bible may come across as bitter and it can take courage to ponder why this might be so.  Again, it may be because you have lost that sense of relationship – but it might also be because the challenge of what you are reading is a little too uncomfortable for you.  God is constantly seeking to transform us, and part of that transformation may be a challenge to some of our actions and attitudes.

Sometimes, as in this psalm, the words of God in the Bible are sweet and we can feed on the love that flows from them.

However the words of the Bible strike you, don’t feel condemned.  Even if the words you read do nothing for you except create a desire that they might have more of an impact upon you in some way, it is a sure sign that God is calling you to a more intimate relationship with him.  He wants more of you and the challenge is to recognise his calling and see in everything his invitation to journey closer to him.

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