I can come to him

‘You are my portion, LORD;’ Psalm 119.57

This may seem a slightly strange thing to say to God, particularly as we tend to think of the word ‘portion’ as a helping of food.  However this is not far off what this word actually means!  The sense behind it is something that belongs to us.  When the psalmist talks of God being his portion, he is saying that God belongs to him – not in the sense of a possession that he owns, but rather as a wonderful privilege he can call upon.

The beauty of this is that there may be times in your life when you feel that you have no right to approach God, either because you feel you have done something to disqualify you from being in his presence, or you simply don’t feel as happy or godly as you think you should.  Yet no matter what you feel, God is still your portion and you have the same right and privilege to come to him as anyone else.  He is not just the portion of those who feel good enough, but the portion of everyone who has turned to him.

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