God’s longing is for everyone

‘…one God and Father of all’ Ephesians 4.6

We are going to spend three days looking at what this verse from Ephesians says about the God that we worship.  It begins by recognising that he is ‘God and Father of all’.  Paul goes on to share something of what this means, but for now let us look at this phrase.

Ultimately it means that all things owe their existence to God; he is the source of everything.  However, this can cause us an immediate problem.  How can God be the source of people and situations that seem to us to be profoundly wrong, or even evil?  One response is to acknowledge that although we are all part of God’s wonderful creation, we are also a spoiled creation because his presence in us has been marred by sin.  Despite this, he is still the ‘God and Father of all’.

As Father, God has a profound love for every person no matter what they have done and his longing is for everyone to turn to him and find the joy of being his child.  This is what can fuel our prayers for the worst of people – he is still their Father.  They may be utterly wayward but the heart of God aches for them to come back to him.

We can take comfort in this for ourselves.  No matter what you feel you have done, God is still your Father and his heart longs for you to return to him.

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