The Resources Within

‘I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being…’ Ephesians 3.16

When we need God’s help in our lives it is tempting to focus on our need; to look at what we do not have and wonder how we are going to cope.  This lovely verse encourages us not to look so much at our need but instead to look at the presence of God’s Spirit within us, and to seek the help that this presence can bring.

Living within each of us is the same Spirit whose power raised Christ to life at the resurrection (Romans 8.11) and it is the same Spirit through whom Jesus cast out evil spirits (Matthew 12.28).  Worship is a key means of accessing the wonder of this Spirit within us; not just singing worship songs or speaking words of praise, but acknowledging the truth of what God reveals – despite what we might or might not feel.

Worship is about letting our hearts overflow with something like this: “Holy Spirit, you are here. I may not be able to feel you or sense you in any way, but you are here.  You live deep within me and you have limitless power.”  Let these words echo around your mind and you will find the knowledge of God’s presence growing within you.

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