Seeing things through God’s eyes

“…take up a lament…” Ezekiel 27.2

Ezekiel was looking at a prosperous city with a reputation for wealth and fame when God gave him this command which encouraged him to see it from a different perspective.  However it seemed at that moment, God saw the change that was coming and knew that the city would suffer great destruction.

The warning, and indeed encouragement, to us is not to be dazzled by things that may seem to be bright and wonderful; they may well only be temporary.  Instead we should keep our eyes fixed on what really matters and on what will never change.

Perhaps the most transient part of us is our emotions.  We can be up at one time and down at another.  Sometimes there may be little we can do about it, but the challenge is not to judge God according to our emotions.  Our calling is to keep our eyes fixed on what is constant and unmoving – the wonderful, unchanging love of God and his delight in us.  Fixing our eyes on his love means that we acknowledge it, give thanks for it, believe it and walk in it – however we might be feeling.

Try running these words adapted from Psalm 136 through your mind for a few minutes as you speak directly to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit: “Your love endures for ever”.

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