Faithfulness, not results

“You must speak my words to them, whether they listen or fail to listen…” Ezekiel 2.7

This command that God gave to Ezekiel may seem quite demanding, as well as a bit discouraging.  Ezekiel was given a message to proclaim but warned that people probably wouldn’t listen – yet still he had to give the message.

Results may not be as important to God as they are to us.  We are so quick to judge our efforts by whether or not we see results, but God is more interested in whether we are faithful than in our success rate.  This applies to many aspects of our Christian life.

It may be that you have a particular role at church and at times it is easy to compare yourself to other people, only to decide that you don’t compare that well!  However, the issue that matters to God is whether you are being faithful to what you sensed you were called to.  The truth is that you really have no idea of the impact of your work and ministry on other people.

Similarly, if someone hurts you, the response should be to forgive them.  It would be wonderful if that act of forgiveness led them to fall at your feet in repentance and sorrow for what they have done.  It may – but it may not!  What counts is whether you are faithful in your actions and attitudes, and not whether they produce results.

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