We are God’s choice

‘For he chose us…’ Ephesians 1.4

There is something very special about being chosen, especially when the one doing the choosing is something of an expert.  They know exactly what to look for and draw on all their knowledge, wisdom and experience to assist their decision.

We have been chosen by God.  Paul refers to this in Acts 17.26, when he speaks about God determining the times and places where we live.  This is about God making choices.  If we think about it, there are a number of choices that God has made for us – he chose to bring us into being, decided the time and place of our birth and that he would adopt us as his precious children.  We might question his choices, and we might even wish that he had made some other choices, but ultimately he is God.  For some people, of course, it’s these very choices that are the source of so many of their problems, with abuse at home, poor living conditions etc.  Sadly, in the light of these difficulties, we are forced to recognise that God is not the only force at work in our world.

However, to surrender to God’s choices is to accept that whatever your circumstances, you are still God’s choice, his force for good and his beacon of light.

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