Hand built by God

‘… the temple was finished in all its details according to its specifications.’ 1 Kings 6.38

Let’s be honest – some parts of the Bible reveal incredible insights into the nature of God and humanity, whereas other bits seem to be quite tedious!  Either they consist of long lists of different people, or details about the building of the temple that don’t really seem to be very interesting or relevant!  This particular reading falls into this latter category – it seems to be going into an awful lot of detail.  So why does it do this?

Why was it so important that the temple was built just right?  Was the detail really that necessary?  The obvious conclusion is that the construction of the temple did indeed matter and every detail was important.  It is probably this temple that Paul had in mind when he declared in 1 Corinthians 6.19 that we are temples of the Holy Spirit.  Each of us matters to God in the same way as the original temple mattered and we have been created with the same eye for detail as that original temple.  God has the same hopes and dreams for each of us as he did for the physical temple that was built with such care.

You are no accident, easily over-looked by God.  Instead you are planned with precision; a hand-crafted dwelling place for his Holy Spirit.  You are highly valued, precious and honoured in God’s sight.

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