God’s vision of us

 ‘The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?’ Psalm 118.6

One anxiety common to many of us is the fear of being judged or criticised by others – “What will they think of me or how will they view me?”  The sheer wonder of being a Christian is that whenever we stand before the Lord, the Bible says that he sees us as holy and blameless.  It doesn’t matter how deeply he looks, this is what he sees.

Faith is often about catching this vision.  We tend to be fearful that people will see what we see – weaknesses, hidden failures and not so hidden faults – whereas our excitement and confidence should be in what God sees when he looks at us.  For this reason it is worth reminding ourselves frequently of what God sees when he looks at us – holy and blameless children.  When we catch this vision we can look other people in the eye with a godly indifference to what we think they might see in us.

God sees that you are wonderful, so what can mere mortals do to you?

2 thoughts on “God’s vision of us

  1. Charles Roberts

    I believe that God cannot look upon us unless we have allowed his blood to literally make us holy and blameless. If we are still sinners, we cannot be holy and blameless simultaneously in anyone’s eyes, especially God’s. I personally do not sin at all anymore. Therefore, God sees a holy and blameless child.

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