His love is here now

‘…his love endures for ever.’ Psalm 118.1

It is so easy to let some phrases wash right over us, and this is one of them.  It becomes one of those promises that is so general that it ceases to have any real meaning for us, when actually it is saying something more wonderful than we might ever imagine!  If God’s ‘love endures for ever’ it must be here right now.

Often we apply the word ‘forever’ to days in the future, when really it also means now right now.  Whatever you are doing, you are cocooned in a bubble of the real and practical love of God for you.  This is what we so often forget.  We assume that God will love us if we do something really sacrificial, or if we happen to be called to do some marvellous work for him, when the truth of this verse – actually one of the most repeated phrases in the Bible – is that his love was here yesterday, will be here again tomorrow, and is with you right now.

Whatever today holds for you – you are not alone in it.  God is there, not impassively looking on but actively loving you every moment of the day.

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