Being in Jesus

‘In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.’ Ephesians 3.12

We are going to spend five days trying to grasp something of the truths and promises contained in this amazing verse.

It starts with two small words that actually mean so much – ‘In him’.  We are used to the idea that Christ dwells in us, so that whatever we do or wherever we go he is with us, but these two simple words provide a whole new perspective on his presence.  It is not just that Jesus is in us, but that we are in him – and go with him wherever he goes.

It seems perfectly natural to believe that Jesus has an ease of access to God – after all the Bible speaks about him sitting at the right hand of God.  If this is where Jesus is, and if it is true that we are in him, then it follows that we are also that close to God right now and at all times.  Our prayers are heard just as if we were whispering them straight into God’s ear – we are that close to him.  Yet so often we allow our feelings to direct our thoughts in other directions and it becomes easy to overlook this life-changing truth.

Put aside any unhelpful feelings and take a moment to worship God in the knowledge that he is just as close to you as he is to Jesus, and he hears your voice just as clearly as he hears the voice of Jesus.

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