Living in the light of the risen Jesus

“…he has risen!” Luke 24.6

The stunning truth of the resurrection stories in the Gospels is the fact that Jesus is alive.  It would have been so easy – and perhaps it did actually happen – for arguments to break out amongst those first disciples about who saw the angels and what they experienced.  However this would be to completely miss the point.  It was not about who saw angels and how special that made them, but rather that Jesus was alive – a fact that changed everything.

Similarly, we too can get very hung up on experiences.  Have we had the same experience as other people?  Why haven’t we?  Does that mean God doesn’t love us as much as he loves them?  As soon as we begin to think like this we have missed the point.  The essential truths of the Christian faith are utterly true for all of us, regardless of whether or not we have had any remarkable experiences: God loved us so much that he sent Jesus, who died for our sins, was raised to life again, and is alive today through his Spirit.

No special experience can make these facts any more true – they are true for every one of us and have the potential to change our lives.

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