He is risen!

“…he has risen!” Luke 24.6

Jesus is alive!  He is not a lovely memory or a distant dream – he really is alive today.  Think of some of the people you will have contact with this Easter and recognise that Jesus is every bit as alive as they are.  It is true that we cannot see him in the same way as we see others, but his active influence is just as real as any person we might meet.

However, it is probably the very fact that we are unable to see him that can lead us to belittle the influence of his life upon us. So often I encourage people to find the presence of Jesus with them.  The question I ask is this: “Where is Jesus for you right now?”  This is not about trying to see or imagine him – an image may come to mind or it may not – but it is more about articulating your impression of where he is.  Is he around you, within you, perhaps reminding you of a Gospel story, or something quite different?  Don’t rush on, but find and enjoy the presence of the living Jesus with you.

Jesus came to this world because of his love for us, and he died because of his love for us.  Now that he has risen, he longs for us to experience the full wonder of his love for us.

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