The pit of the dungeon

‘They took Jesus to the high priest’ Mark 14.53

It is worth spending a moment considering the chronology of this verse.  Jesus had just been arrested and the following day he was handed over to Pilate.  In the meantime he spent a night in prison, probably little more than a pit.

Many people can understand what it feels like to be in a pit; a place where they have no real control over what happens to them.  It doesn’t really matter how they got there, at the hands of other people or as a result of their own actions; they are still in a pit.

Healing – getting out of the pit – begins by taking to heart the truth that it is ‘…by his wounds we are healed’.  In other words, Jesus knows what it’s like to have no control over one’s life and actions, and to be at the mercy of others.  Yet he is also the one who stood up in the synagogue and proclaimed that he had come to bring freedom for the prisoners (Luke 4).  Our difficulty is when this freedom seems like a long time coming.

He who promised freedom sat in a pit himself, presumably seeking the presence of his Father in there with him.  So he can certainly be trusted to sit with you in your pit, whatever it is, and bring you the same comfort that he found.

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