Being anxious

‘Some wandered in desert wastelands’ Psalm 107.4

The first category of people to whom the Lord shows help is those who are described very graphically as wandering around hungry and thirsty looking for a place to settle.  We are told that when they cried out to God, he showed them the way to where they could find rest.

Perhaps we all fit into this category from time to time!  When we simply don’t know what to do in a particularly tricky situation, or even with the whole of our life, it can feel as if we are wandering around with life on hold.

We all face choices in our lives, some relatively insignificant and others more important, and the outcome of our choices can greatly affect our sense of peace.  For the psalmist the answer is so simple that it almost sounds like a cliché to us: ‘Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble’ (verse 6).

When we are struggling with an issue or a choice it can be really annoying when people glibly ask us if we have prayed about it!  The psalmist’s advice may indeed be a cliché, but it is also wisdom.  What God has to give us is far more likely to come through us humbly seeking his help than through fretting and stressing.  What do you want his guidance and help with today?

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