Being transformed

And we . . . are being transformed’ 2 Corinthians 3.18

God brings change to us.  The word used here for transformation is the same word used to describe Jesus when he was transfigured before the disciples.  In that moment he was changed so that his disciples could see him for who he really was and glimpse something of his heavenly glory.

We can find ourselves getting very anxious about whether our transformation is happening quickly enough, or indeed whether it is happening at all!  To be honest, being transfigured probably isn’t the language that we would use to describe the change that God is bringing to us.  The problem is when we confuse what we see with what God sees.  We see the struggles and the failures, but God sees people he chose before the world began and whom he delighted in adopting as his beloved children; sons and daughters for whom Jesus chose to exchange his life for theirs.

When you next look in the mirror it is not just what you see that matters, but it’s what God sees that really counts.

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