Being with God

‘He appointed twelve that they might be with him’ Mark 3.14

We tend to assume that if someone has ‘a calling’ then they have been summoned to a great work, probably an arduous task that will change the world and might cost them their life!  However, when Jesus called his disciples it was not simply that they should work flat out for him, but that they might spend time with him.  It is a moving thought that out of all the things we could do for God today, perhaps the thing that he is most looking forward to is our time with him.

When Jesus called his apostles so that they could be with him, we might suppose that this was in order for them to be taught by him and to gain experience.  Could it not also be that Jesus enjoyed his time with his friends and wanted to be with them?  The call to spend time in prayer is not simply to join in with the battle of intercession, but also because Father God longs to be with his children.

You might like to spend a few minutes coming to God now, not because of anything you might get out of it but because of what he will get from it – the joy and pleasure of seeing his child turning to him and declaring love!

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