Trusting his promises

‘For he remembered his holy promise’ Psalm 105.42

Is it possible to categorise the seriousness of promises?  Are there lesser promises and more binding ones?  If so, any promise that is described as a ‘holy’ promise must surely be up there amongst the most serious that can be made.  Presumably any promise from God must be a ‘holy’ promise and treated as such – so what are we to do with his promises?  Is it right to remind him of them just as we might remind a friend of their promises?

A better way of regarding the promises of God is that they reveal his heart and show us what he is like.  It is not that one day he decides to make a promise, but rather that the promise reveals something about who he is, and what is inevitable as a result.

One example is the promise of Jesus to always be with us (Matthew 28.20), which states an inevitable truth.  It is not something that we have to remind Jesus about or plead with him to come to us, but is more something to benefit us; a way of reminding ourselves that he is with us because he promised he would be.

As you take a moment to find the presence of Jesus now, the question is not whether or not he is actually there, but rather are you aware of who it is who is really with you?

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