As close as our clothing

‘Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ’ Romans 13.14

In this passage Paul was encouraging believers to take their faith seriously, even to the extent that they were not to indulge in sin as the world did, but rather to clothe themselves with Jesus.

To be clothed with Jesus is not something for specially anointed people who are particularly aware of God at every moment.  Instead it is an invitation for every one of us.  As one version puts it, ‘Let Jesus Christ be as close to you as the clothes that you wear.’  In other words, it is definitely possible for all of us to be this close to Jesus.  So an obvious question is, how?  How can this happen?  Believing that it is possible for you personally is the first step towards it becoming a reality.

Take a few moments to worship Jesus for his closeness, whether or not you are aware of it.  Choose to believe that he is actually as close to you as the clothes you are wearing.  Begin to pay attention to any words or pictures that might come to mind as he begins to communicate something of his love to you.

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