Fear and Presence

7feb“And do not be afraid . . . the LORD is with us.” Numbers 14.9

What are you afraid of?  Your fears can probably be justified, and you may be fearful because you think that someone or something may harm you or someone known to you.

However, fear tends to grow if you put your focus on the object of your fears.  The more you look at it, the greater it becomes.  The option to focussing on the object of your fears is to put your focus elsewhere.  This is what Moses was advocating in this story.  He could see the danger of fear escalating as the people looked at the inhabitants of the land they were about to occupy.  His antidote to this was to call to mind the presence of God with them.

God is also with you; he has put his very presence within you through the person of the Holy Spirit.  The more you can focus on him, the less you will be gripped by fear.  The challenge is to remember God’s presence with you.

Come back to the wonderful truth expressed in Jeremiah 15.16: ‘I bear your name, LORD God Almighty’.  Whatever your fear, and no matter what situation is facing you, the very presence of God is within you.

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