Everything is yours

18jan‘I pray that out of his glorious riches …’ Ephesians 3.16

The Father is rich!  All that Paul is about to pray is based on this glorious truth that the Father is rich. He has everything we need for the situations facing us.  Of course, having a rich Father is one thing but we also want him to be generous!  A rich miser is not a great comfort to us!

This is the sticking point for most people!  It’s natural to believe that God holds everything in his hands – he would not really be God if this were not the case – but the question is whether we believe him to be generous with what he has?  To answer this, we have to take a step back and ponder his gift of Jesus to us.

Under the Old Covenant, the ‘deal’ was that if the people kept God’s laws they would receive blessing and reward.  There is some logic to this and a great many people, including Christians, still live according to this belief.  However, God chose to make a break with that way of living by giving Jesus, who took all our sins upon himself so that we might no more live under condemnation.  What is more, Jesus reflected the Father’s heart by pouring out undeserved kindness and mercy upon those he encountered in his life, and he promised that such love and mercy would continue after his life on earth was over.

This is the generosity of God.  He has given us the most precious thing he has – his Son, Jesus – so that we might enjoy relationship with him in this life and in the next.  As you ponder the generosity of God, perhaps you can take a moment to rest before him and hear him whisper to you the words in the story of the Prodigal Son – “Everything I have is yours.”

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