15jan‘…he has cut me free from the chords of the wicked.’ Psalm 129.4

This verse is a clear declaration of what Jesus has done for us.  We have all been influenced by other people, sometimes for good and sometimes definitely not for good!  The negative influence of others is revealed in various ways; guilt that we were led down wrong paths and encouraged to make poor choices, as well as resentment and anger at things that were done to us.

However, in spite of this the psalmist made a bold declaration that we have actually been cut free from the negative influence of other people. In God’s eyes, their hold upon us and influence over us has been severed.  Yet we still sense the presence of their hold upon us.

There is a difference between what God has done and our response to his action, and at the forefront of this is forgiveness.  Just as we are invited to receive God’s forgiveness, we are also called to forgive – whether it be forgiving ourselves or forgiving others.  This is not about letting anyone get away with anything, but rather about saying ‘yes’ to the action of God.

God has indeed forgiven you your wrongdoing, but will you say ‘yes’ to what he has done and receive it?  He has set you free from any influence that other people may have over you, but again, will you accept this and begin to step out in the freedom that he has given you?

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