What is available for us?

12jan‘Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.’ 2 Peter 1.2

This verse expresses a beautiful truth to which we can return throughout the day.  First and foremost it states that grace and peace – wonderful gifts that we all long to experience in our lives – are available through our knowledge of God.  In other words, through your relationship with him you have access to these wonderful qualities, and the sense is that you do not potentially have them, but that they really are actually there for you to enjoy.

It gets even better!  Peter goes on to encourage us that grace and peace are there for us ‘in abundance’.  In other words, they are not to be found in any small measure but rather in a way that cannot be overlooked.  Perhaps we miss out on receiving them simply because we forget to open the door to them.

As someone who knows Jesus, when you face times of stress, frustration or tiredness come back to these words: ‘Grace and peace are mine’.  Choose to believe it and let the wonder of what God has given you make a real difference to your life, particularly in your time of need.

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