Our precious faith

‘To those who … have received a faith as precious as ours:’ 2 Peter 1.1

When Peter used the phrase, ‘a faith as precious as ours’, he seemed to be referring to the faith of the Gentiles and pointing out that this was just as precious as the faith of the Jewish people from whom the Gospel originated, and in no way inferior.

We can take it one step further.  In this verse Peter began by referring to his status as an apostle, and it may be that he is also saying that the faith of his readers and this includes us – is every bit as precious to God as the faith of the apostles.

The thought that God values our faith as much as that held by those first apostles is amazing.  It only makes sense if we accept something else Peter speaks about in this verse; that our faith is something we have received from God, and not something earned or to which we are entitled.  We are, of course, called to respond to what he has given to us, but first and foremost we have been given a gift.

Take a moment to ponder this wonderful truth that God has planted something precious and wonderful in you.  This faith isn’t given to reward you but as a personal gift from him to you.


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