The source of rest

5jan“…I will give you rest.” Matthew 11.28

For the past couple of days we have looked at Jesus’ promise to give us rest and the continuing availability of it for us.  It is no surprise that the source of this rest is Jesus himself, but what is surprising is the vast range of other means that people explore in order to find the rest that only comes from him.

One of the most stunning aspects of his promise is the realisation that Jesus himself is there for all of us.  His invitation is not to a specific group of holy people who have the ability to leave their problems behind, but to the weary and burdened who need his active presence.

There may well be ways in which we can help ourselves to find his presence, but the fact that Jesus doesn’t give any specific instructions suggests that it can’t be too difficult!  Perhaps the first thing we need to remember is that when we are pre-occupied and struggling, Jesus is present offering help.  Simply speaking his name – Jesus – is to recognise our need, acknowledge his presence and invite him to share in our life and make a difference.

Who you are does not matter, nor how good you have been; what does matter is that you call on him and see what happens.

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