Pay attention!

‘So my God put it into my heart to assemble the nobles, the officials and the common people for registration by families.’ Nehemiah 7.5

We would all love to hear God speaking to us even more. In fact, he probably ‘speaks’ to us quite a lot, but we may not recognise that it is him speaking to us. In fact the very concept of God speaking presents us with the impression that God has a mouth like we do and communicates in the same way as humans do. God, of course, is not human! His communication to us can come in a number of ways and unless we are open to this, we are likely to miss him; assuming that unless we hear an audible voice then it doesn’t count.

When Nehemiah records how God communicated with him at this particular time of his life, he put it in this way: ‘God put it into my heart…’. What he probably felt was a strong impulse, or an urge to do something particular – in this case to gather the people together.

It is unlikely that every impulse means God is telling you to do something, but it is worth noting them and being open to the fact that it might be God putting something into your heart. If you are feeling brave, try asking him to put something on your heart so that you can learn what it feels like! After all, God is longing to have wiling people that he can use for his glory. Today, when something strikes you, pay attention to it and consider whether it sounds like God communicating to you.

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