Tapping into God

And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? Luke 18.7

As we return again to the well-known story of Christmas, it is very easy to be drawn into a ‘sanitised’ version of the story: smiling people in crisp, clean clothing, bathed in light, surrounding a spotless manger which houses an incredibly content and happy looking baby! It is probably highly unlikely that this describes the scene of the first Christmas, yet all too often this Christmas card picture is where we stop; we often don’t think beyond the visual imagery.

In the approach to Christmas, as we continue to think about the story of the unjust judge, a whole new concept of justice comes out. In the context of this parable, justice is what God thinks of a situation and what he is doing about it. In the context of Christmas, justice is about what God thinks of the way the world is, and what he has done about it.

The Bible tells us clearly that God loves the world (John 3.16), and this well-known verse also tells us what he has done about it – he has given us Jesus because we need him. This is still God’s heart for the world, and it is God’s heart for you.

When you pray, you are not bothering God and wearying him with your prayers! Rather you are tapping into his heart and receiving the very thing he gave you, and that he wants you to use – the gift of Jesus.

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