Letting experience go deeper

“In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth.” John 18.37

This is a day when we really begin to celebrate the Christmas season and remember with wonder that our Lord Jesus was born as a baby and came to live amongst us.  However today’s words, spoken by Jesus, are quite clear about the purpose of his ministry on earth: everything he was, did and said was all about testifying to the truth.  This statement is a wonderful invitation to us to let all our experiences of God lead us deeper.

We often experience God in a variety of ways.  For some it’s through the words of the Bible or in the joy of being at one with God’s created world, whilst others find him best in the solitude of prayer.  Perhaps one of the saddest things for God is that although he sent Jesus to dwell amongst us, so often we do not engage with his gift.  We allow it to pass us by without letting it impact us in some deeper way.

During this Christmas season, let’s celebrate and enjoy every experience of God, but also resolve to go deeper.  As we sing carols, listen to the familiar bible stories and wrap presents, let’s also engage with questions such as, “What is this touch of God showing me?”; “Where is he leading me?” or “What is he teaching me about himself?”  The challenge for us is to let every experience of God become an opportunity for him to show us more about himself, starting today.

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