Sharing the same Father

“…my Father and your Father” John 20.17

Just prior to his ascension, Jesus spoke to Mary about where he was going.  He didn’t just say that he was going to his Father, which would have been wonderfully true, but he described it in terms of “my Father and your Father”.  In other words, he was saying that the fatherhood of God was just as real for her as for him.  This good news didn’t stop with Mary – it is also true for us.

When we think about God the Father, one of the most significant implications is that we are his children.  We have all been adopted as children of God (Ephesians 1.5) and are in the same love-relationship that Jesus enjoyed.  For this reason, we read of Jesus talking to his Father about us in John 17.26, and praying that “the love you have for me may be in them”.  The longing and prayer of Jesus was that the love between him and the Father would be the same love that we can share in and enjoy.

The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is your Father; the love the Father has for Jesus is the love the Father has for you.  Hold on to this and catch the wonder of it.

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