The mission of Jesus

5dec“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Luke 19.10

The story of the encounter between Jesus and Zacchaeus ends with Jesus speaking these words, in which he summarises something of his mission to the world – he came to seek and save the lost.

The word ‘lost’ is interesting.  In the Greek, it could also mean that which was destroyed or ruined, and it is in this context that the healing ministry of Jesus can be seen.  When Jesus healed those who were sick – whether in body or mind, by touching their social existence or the state of their hearts – he was reaching out to the destroyed and ruined parts of them to bring his salvation and healing touch.

The joy of this passage is also that seeking and saving the lost is something Jesus wants to do.  It is not a mission undertaken grudgingly or unwillingly, but with joy and purpose as this is one of the key reasons he came to earth.

As you take a few moments to be quiet now, remember that you are in the presence of the one who is seeking you and wanting to help.  There is no point in hiding the things that are less than perfect from him, because Jesus is longing for you to bring them to him so that he can touch and help you.

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